Voluntary Local & International Work Camp
Workcamp programme is used as a vehicle for sustainable community development, youth empowerment (leadership development), and technical skill acquisition, exchange and cross cultural understanding and provide youth interaction and participation in development process. We organise voluntary lead work camps in South Africa and we do send our local volunteers around the country to participate in other organisation work camps and international hosting of work campers.

Food Distribution to school
One of our programmes that we would like to begin is food distribution to schools. Many children can not afford to go to school and those that are able go on an empty stomach. We would like to provide the less fortunate a chance to acquire an education with full concentration.

Volunteer Exchange
South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association facilitates youth exchange for volunteers North to South, South to North, and South to South volunteer driven work camps exchanges and developmental programmes. Volunteers are required to return to their country to be able to pass on the knowledge acquired to their fellow countryman.

Leadership Training
One of the main programme that volunteers undertake is Leadership Training. We want to equip every volunteer with skills and knowledge of becoming a leader in the community, work or home.

Since its inception in 2012, SAVWCA is looking to carry out projects in various communities of South Africa in the following categories:

Construction:      Roads and foot-bridges, low income housing, schools, clinics, churches and community center’s

Renovation:         Royal buildings, archeological and historical sites.
Environmental: Soil and water conservation, tree planting
Health:                   Water supply, pit latrines, HIV/AIDS awareness and mitigation
Economic:            Poultry, piggery and irrigation schemes, communal and home gardens and other income generating enterprises.