South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association is part of the Grassroots projectwhich  aims to improve the quality of short and long term voluntary projects in the defined Sub-Saharan African and European countries by  investing in leadership and mentoring trainings for the youth organisations involved as well as by creating tools for the sending and hosting organisations.  This project will create an impact on the volunteers that participate in the projects, the youth leaders involved in setting up the volunteer activities, their  organisations and the local communities that benefit from the volunteering.

The project aims to explore the decrease of volunteer exchange between European and African countries by fighting “voluntourism” perspective in the  work of our organisations. We have also detected the needs of knowledge transfers to younger generations and adapt to a transformative leadership in  order to create dynamic and resilient organisations. Since the long term volunteering is growing we want to build capacity in the preparation and  mentoring of volunteers as well. The final goal of the project is to create grassroots change in the communities of each organisation, for this reason we  would like to reflect with a global perspective to generate a better understanding of the global challenges, especially focusing in gender perspective,  climate justice and decolonisation (More information on

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