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Youth Social Entrepreneurship in South Africa’s Context by Enock Pedze

South Africa’s Social Entrepreneurship is a business model in which an enterprise exists to try and solve a social challenge usually that youth have gained through knowledge or skills  usually using entrepreneurial methods of planning and process.

The youth are good at seeing and identifying a challenge and come up with a solution. Remember these youth we talking about fall under the radar of more than 41% unemployed young people in South Africa either finished their tertiary education or are unemployed. These youth can find the process and seek funds to implement the challenge.

For developing countries such as South Africa, social entrepreneurship holds the double benefit of providing youth employment for the social entrepreneurs themselves and creating an impact for social as well as environmental causes that really need them.

Youth social entrepreneurs are mission-based businesses rather than charities. It is impossible to lead in a fourth industrial revolution (4IR) world by applying a business-as-usual blueprint. Digital leadership is built on teamwork, collaboration, empowerment and innovation, and there is no better training ground for this style of leadership than through social entrepreneurship.

South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association joins in the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Education for All with Moodle (YSEEAM) takes roots on the threshold of an approaching Fourth Industrial Revolution in which automation and massive digitalisation is predicted to radically alter the status -quo relation between trainers- trainees, youth workers  –  youths and their place in the learning process; as well as the future’s changeable Skills Demand.

Entrepreneurship – Analytical thinking – Leadership and Social Influence are predicted by World Economic Forum (2018) to continue to be most essential skills for future jobs. In the face of those challenges, youth work shall need to anticipate trends and adapt to new technological changes in order to confirm its indispensable role in the new digital age.

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