Dear Participants, Former volunteers and Friends,

As quarantine goes on more and more of you are stuck at home and are unable to travel. For us the situation is no different and we are super bummed about the camps we had to cancel.But that doesn’t have to stop us!We teamed up with other volunteering organizations to create a virtual camp. You can participate from your computer at home and engage in a variety of workshops. It’s a way for all of us to come together, share skills and stay safe at the same time.Our SAVWA Home Gardening Bootcamp is focused on environment and permaculture activities in Soshanguve!

You can find out about all the workshops offered here:
Anyone can join and it’s completely free. Please note that in order tosign you up for the communication channel (Slack) you need to writeback to us and we will share your email address with the admin team of the Virtual workcamp. If you do not wish to join Slack, please email the SAVWA Leader in charge of the project you choose directly.

We would be happy to see you there!

Love from the SAVWA Team!

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